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Our Main Services 


UltraTone provides direct phone number from 70 countries to your smart phone.


All you need for a Website (Domain, Hosting and Design)


High speed, low cost broadband services offer up to 300mbps in Kuala Lumpur areas.


NovaCare is an innovative app committed to enhancing healthcare through cutting-edge AI solutions


Ultratone is a global phone service with has currently 25 servers in twenty different countries and is planning to expand to 60 different countries.

GPN (Global Phone Number)
This will allow users to replace common nickname with a number to easily call each other anywhere in globe at free of charge.

 Multiple usage method
User can choose personal mobile phone as calling method or using internet connection and a software running on Personal Computer or VoIP phone hardware.

Calling Card
Basic entry users can use calling card as a basic form entering into our system without any registration but also can transfer the credit into online registered account to use it in two-direction

Multiple Country Coverage
Currently users of 20 different nations can use the service in two way communication.


UltraBand is a high speed broadband service targeting users in Klang Valley area. Users can apply for connection at up to 200mbps for the moment and the structure is upgradable to 500 mbps.

Bursting Mode
Ultraband users benefit latest technology in bandwidth shaping to use bursting speed which
means at any moment of time they may burst the speed to maximum available unutilized bandwidth.

Using Multi-homing technology in last mile connection, users will experience minimum downtime during failure or natural disaster by acquiring multiple connections to each individual building that the service is provided.

FSO (Free Space Optic)
FSO is high speed, point-to-point wireless technology that allows buildings of short distance to be connected at very high speed (up to 10,000mbps) without interference and very low failure.


Commitment to Healthcare Innovation:

As a forward-thinking technology company, NovaCare is deeply committed to enhancing healthcare through our pioneering AI solutions. We stand at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence in healthcare, transforming the way care is delivered and managed.


A Vision for the Future:

We are going to lead the way in pioneering groundbreaking healthcare solutions. At NovaCare, we are not just envisioning the future of healthcare – we are actively shaping it, utilizing untapped potential and cutting-edge AI technology to make a global impact

Telemetry Projects

North-South highway

  • Project for Telemetry Early Warning System for landslide prevention
  • Consisted of 70 remote stations to send soil information to main base station.
  • Central server for monitor all sites
  • Early warning system to send SMS / phone call alerts to site offices
  • Rain and soil reports

Penang Bridge (Bridge Expansion project)

  • Consisted of 320 sensors
  • Remote site office to monitor resettlements and vibration on all piles

Genting highland

  • Project for Telemetry Early Warning System for landslide prevention
  • Consisted of 11 sites sending environment information to central office for monitoring
  •  Central server for monitor all sites
  • Telemetry warning system to send SMS / phone call alerts to site offices
  • Rain and soil reports